We happily teamed up with Zaxby’s of Smithfield, NC to donate money for ALS.  Zaxby’s of Smithfield was our very first customer and showed us the way to really get involved in the community.  They are such a great leader so we are just following their path!

Kelly Smith (Owner Operator) of the Smithfield Zaxby’s challenged her entire team and they all stepped for this amazing cause on Thursday September 11th.

Derrick Thompson (CEO of T&T Creative Group) joined in on the challenge and seemed to get the most ice/water dumped on him!

“I’m just happy to be a part of this amazing event and cause.  T&T Creative Group would not be here today if it were not for Kelly Smith and her late husband Michael Smith as they took a chance on us and showed me how to run a community based business”.

T&T Creative Group and Zaxby’s of Smithfield will certainly do more community events in the future.