T&T Creative Group was honored to visit the Haven House this past Saturday August 15th during their annual back to school drive.  They collect school supplies to donate to many children and teenagers in the area so they can get off to a good start.

This year T&T provided some additional volunteers to help with various elements of the event.  Derrick Thompson (CEO of T&T Creative Group) spoke to most of the teenagers there about social media and how to remain safe this school year.  He also spoke to them about achieving dreams and the importance of searching for what makes them happy at an early age.

T&T Creative Group also volunteers at the Haven House for a few hours every week as they have pledged to donate at least 80 hours of volunteer service this year.


In addition to that Derrick Thompson will begin teaching a monthly class on various elements of technology starting November 2015.  This all falls in line with the community mission of T&T Creative Group.

T&T Creative / Haven House#TandTSupportsMe – This is a new hashtag that we will use to promote all that T&T Creative Group does in the community.  Please use this as you share stories regarding our community service!