T&T Creative Group was recently approached by an amazing local 12 year old girl named Kenze Hinson who launched her own food pantry called Make a Difference Food Pantry.  She has a vision to make her local community of Goldsboro, NC a better place.  She has been heavily involved in her community for several years as she has raised money for countless organizations.

We had to step in and assist her with this dream as many other organizations have stepped up to help.

We are happy to announce that her new website is live www.madpantry.org

Make a Difference Food Pantry
Food Lion is also a big supporter as they gave $1,200 and a lot of food to get her started!

T&T Creative Group will continue to support the Make a Difference Food Pantry and Kenze along with her amazing mother Pagela Hinson!  She has done an amazing job raising this young leader.  Look out for her name as she is on a mission to change the world!

Make a Difference Food Pantry#TandTSupportsMe – This is a new hashtag that we will use to promote all that T&T Creative Group does in the community.  Please use this as you share stories regarding our community service!