Cultivating the Inclusion Play Movement in our Community, State and Beyond 

March 10, 2017, Raleigh, NC– The Universal Playground at East Clayton Community Park in Johnston County received confirmation in a voting session of the Parks and Recreation Authority, appointed by the Governor and General Assembly, on Friday, March 3, 2017 that its Universal Playground at East Clayton Community Park received the second highest points in scoring for an $89,810.00 grant.  The Parks and Recreation Authority reviewed 45 varied grant requests throughout the state, all grant requests seeking to be recipients of a portion of the $3 million in funding that was available.  Points were assigned to each request, the grant with the highest points was called first.  Clayton was the second name slated.

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Jennifer Dalman, Partner at Walker Lambe Rhudy Costley & Gill, PLLC and Chair of the Board of Directors Fundraising Committee states, “Creative play is a vital part of childhood, but unfortunately, the traditional playground model doesn’t work for all children. The Clayton Universal Playground seeks to bridge that gap and provide a safe, accessible, and fun space for children of all abilities to come together to play. We are pleased and thankful to see the state’s commitment to inclusive play – this generous grant will go a long way towards meeting our financial goal and towards making this vision a reality.”

  • The Universal Playground at East Clayton Community Park design by Chris Hilt of CLH Design, PA, will be a state-of- the-art, one of a kind inclusion play entity that will:
  • Enable children of ALL abilities to play together and develop the wide range of skills needed to be successful in the world; big muscle play, manipulative play, pretend play, creative arts play, sensory play, and quiet play.
  • Provide all children and their families with a sensory-full, safe play facility and an inclusive environment to connect.
  • Educate all, through our curriculum piece, on various disabilities, injuries and chronic illnesses that may challenge children and give support on how to positively interact with them through inclusion play.
  • Showcase a truly Inclusive Design (verses only Accessible Design) in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in regard to play equipment, ground coverings and access methods and is adequately inclusive for furthering cognitive, emotional, physical, visual, auditory, and other sensory skill sets to enhance the development and growth for children of  ALL abilities.
  • Serve as a destination location for surrounding counties and visitors as well as an attraction for relocating families and will be a resource for economic progression in the community.

The Inclusion Playground will be located on two acres contributed by the Town of Clayton on the East Clayton Community Park Site. This playground is the result of a public-private partnership between the Town of Clayton (public) and the Clayton Community Recreational Foundation, Inc. (private) and was approved by the Clayton Town Council in February of 2014. Clayton Parks and Recreation will maintain and staff the playground. The Clayton Community Recreational Foundation, Inc. (private) retained T&T Creative Group to manage the 2017 Capital Campaign Fundraising efforts. Larry Bailey, Parks and Recreation Director for the Town of Clayton, comments, “We are really excited about the energy and excitement that T&T Creative Group has brought and is bringing to our Universal Playground fundraising efforts!”

The Universal Playground at East Clayton Park currently has an active Board of Directors, Education Committee and Unity Committee in support of the fundraising initiatives. A stand-alone website, designed by the Web Development team at T&T Creative Group was launched in February 2017.  T&T Creative Group has the naming opportunity underway from the best resources in our community….. our children.  The top five names will be voted on by children around our communities, and the Playground name will be announced at the Annual Golf Tournament for the Universal Playground at East Clayton Community Park.

The tournament will be held on May 5, 2017 at the Neuse Golf Club, with award events at First Street Tavern, and will highlight Tony Clark, former golf pro (1976) and CEO and Designer of the Plane Swing; Jason Faircloth of the United States Disabled Golf Association and Board Member of the Universal Playground at East Clayton Community Park;  Grilled cuisine provided by Late Night Porkin’; and donated items from support of the PGA Golf Superstores and many others.  Registration for the golf tournament is

Derrick Thompson CEO and Founder of T&T Creative Group says, “This grant is another positive step forward towards our mission to help build more inclusion playgrounds across North Carolina.  We will continue to build the most visible platform possible through the digital media solutions T&T Creative Group provides.”

To learn more visit or contact Lyn Purkerson at or 919.589.2523 ext. 710.

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