Tweens & Technology, established by T&T Creative Group, held an Introduction to Python for twenty 5th and 6th graders  at Southern Wake Academy in Holly Springs.  This event was held in partnership with Stern Security.

The young techs used to learn Python while playing games.  They were challenged to think critically and creatively. This STEM event laid the groundwork and let the kids dip their toe into the programming waters.

All the students that attended the Introduction to Python received a FREE year-long license to continue their journey.


Tweens & Technology goal is to engage our youth early, and encourage girls to explore STEM.

This STEM experience creates a positive environment that allows students to be creative, think critically and collaborate with their peers. We teach them that programming is the foundation of robotics, video games, apps, computer graphics, and much more.

In addition to the coding fun, students learned the importance of internet safety and how to be a good digital citizen.


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