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It's In Our Hands

We are here to do more than make money for our customers and for ourselves. Our biggest purpose is to do all we can for our community! We have picked 3 main areas to focus on in terms of giving back to our community:
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Many of our staff are directly aligned with autism and are working tirelessly to help families manage this. Our immediate goal is to establish a scholarship fund that will allow families to place their children in the “right” environment. Many traditional schools are not equipped to deal with autistic children. We will help fight this.


Many of our colleagues have either served in the military or have family currently serving. We feel it is important to support our troops. Our goal to help families of the military is to establish a golf tournament amongst other fundraisers.

Bringing Technology to Kids & Seniors

We’re on a mission to bridge the technology gap that currently exists with far too many children and seniors. As our world becomes more technology driven, our seniors and children who do not have certain benefits will be left behind. T&T Creative Group will not let that happen. We recently launched the Tweens & Technology club for elementary school students.

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Our Community Initiatives

T&T Golf Classic - Golfing for a Cause

We are committed to raising awareness and money for many causes. This tournament focuses on helping organizations that support our community in a variety of ways. The 1st annual classic focused on Alzheimer’s awareness, the second focused on the military members and the threat of suicide among soldiers. The third raised money for Tweens & Technology’s STEM education for children. This year the focus is Gabi’s Grounds Coffee who supports those with special abilities one cup at a time!
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Tweens & Technology

The Tweens & Technology program was created to bridge the technology gap among our youth and those with special needs. We currently support students that are in the 3rd grade through 8th grade.

Our mission is to prepare more children for a career in STEM.

We have several Saturday sessions throughout the Raleigh/Durham area and host an annual summer camp event.

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Bowling for Autism

T&T Creative Group is committed to raising awareness and support for Autism. We want to have a direct impact on our local community so we give the money directly to those who are in the trenches working to make the lives of autistic individuals better!

This year we chose the Baucom Elementary & Sycamore Creek Elementary schools to support.

We have raised $16,750 and donated 14 iPads over the past four years.

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Bowling for Autism