Corporate Citizenship Video Series

Week 4 - Corporate Citizenship - Tips on Starting Your Own Program

Week 4: Vice President Michael Sims joins us this week to provide tips on starting your own corporate initiative program. Learn when you should partner with another group and how to get started.

Week 3 - Corporate Citizenship - How to Help Your Local School

Week 3: Jacqui Pomales-Moody of T&T Creative Group gives great insight on how companies of all sizes can get more involved with their local school. She also explains why it is important.

Week 2 - Corporate Citizenship - Keys to Getting Involved in Your Community

Week 2: Lyn Purkerson of T&T Creative Group gets to the root of why T&T Creative Group is so involved in the community as she interviews the Founder Derrick Thompson.

Week 1 - Corporate Citizenship - How to Start!

Week 1: This week Lyn Purkerson (Corporate Development Director) joins our blog to discuss the various ways you can get your business involved in the community. She provides tips on choosing your cause and getting everyone involved.

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