Website Security Video Series

Week 4 - How to Protect Your Office Network

Week 4: This week Tony Hayden of Sabre Networks visits to provide tips on how to keep your office network more secure. Sabre Networks has customers across the Southeastern region and has been in business for over 20 years.

Week 3 - How to Protect Your Website

Week 3: This week Mr. De’Von Carter of Cartek Consulting visits again to provide details on how to protect your website from the various attacks our there.

Week 2 - SQL Injections | Are You Protected?

Week 2: This week we focus on SQL injections and how you can protect your business. 60% of small business close within 6 months of a security breach. De’Von Carter of CarTek Consulting visits this week to provide his expert opinion and offer our viewers a FREE website security scan.

Week 1 - Malware | Is your Business a Target?

Week 1: De’Von Carter of CarTek Consulting visits to discuss the state of website security. He also provides tips to determine if you have malware and offers a comprehensive website security scan.
Website Security Scan

3 Tips to Help Prevent SQL Injections on Your Website

The way these attacks work is fairly simple, but they can wreak havoc for business and website owners.
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7 Signs Your Website May Have Malware

75% of websites have some type of malware of virus on them!
Raleigh Website Security
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