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Capturing a custom look for our customers

Custom Video Solutions

At T&T Creative Group, we take great pride in our work, and treat every video project with the highest levels of respect. Our custom video work is beautiful, dynamic, informative and entertaining, all at a fraction of the price of what other agencies charge for a broadcast commercial production.


Visually Stunning, Brand-Aligned

We understand how important video is to any marketing campaign, so we dedicate ourselves to creating visually stunning content that aligns with your brand and marketing efforts. We are experienced at creating a variety of video types, including:

Outside Video


B2B Videos
Sales/Marketing Videos
Employee Training Videos

Corporate Storytelling

It all begins with a story that belongs only to you

Corporations are evolving in their approach to sharing the messages that shape their companies and their contributions. T&T Creative Group is answering that by constantly adding and improving our workflow with the latest technologies to enhance the storytelling process.

We care about our work immensely – how it’s received, how it looks, and most importantly, how it performs. Which is why we partner with our customers to determine the best way to get their custom messages across to audiences of all types.


Visually Stunning, Brand-Aligned

Corporate storytelling can take multiple forms, such as:

Corporate Culture Videos Corporate Event Videos Testimonials

Corporate Culture Videos

Corporate Event Videos


Collected below are samples of recent work that highlight our capabilities.

High Horse Video Shoot

Explainer Videos

Messaging disguised as instructions

We pride ourselves on being inventive, creative, contemporary and most importantly, custom. We are also highly pragmatic and detail oriented. By combining these attributes, we create messaging moments for our customers that are instructional and informative while also being highly engaging.


Step-by-Step Processes

Our work with explainer videos and animations is testament to how the presentation of a step-by-step process can be used to also share a company’s philosophy and their specific approach to business. Some types of explainer videos we have done are:

Case Study Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Collected below are samples of recent work that highlights our capabilities.


Live Broadcasts & Events

Action + Atmosphere = Engaging!

T&T Creative Group has been honored to partner with some of the leading educational institutions in our nation in the production of their live events. 

Whether it’s shooting Countdown to Craziness at Duke University in the infamous Cameron indoor stadium or helping their Recreation and PE Department promote intramural clubs, we’re always ready to get into the middle of the action to capture the spirit and passion of the people involved.


Promote Future Events by Recording Current Ones

We’ve also worked with customers who needed to represent their presence at an event, and we’ve created videos that showcase our own sponsored events.

Collected below are samples of recent work that highlights our capabilities.



An Inventive Approach to Spoken Word

Our involvement with the creation of vodcasts, or video podcasts, began with our partnership with, a cybersecurity corporate podcast. Filming, editing and broadcasting their streams has given them access to a larger audience, while providing viewers with the ability to better know the hosts and guests on each episode.


We Have You Covered

T&T Creative Group works with each podcaster to set-up filming software, then edits and applies engaging graphics to each session.

Collected below are samples of our work in this developing category.


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